Mixeaze is committed to delivering your orders as fast and efficiently as possible. We also want the delivery of your products to be transparent and as honest as possible.
We understand that fast and free shipping is everyone’s favourite but unfortunately in some circumstances we cannot guarantee this. We have over five main warehouses around the world that we are able to ship your items from depending on your location. Due to high demand and logistic capabilities, we may send your item from any given location we choose.
Please expect timeframes from 15-30 days for you to receive your order.
Our warehouses use an order on-demand process to keep inventory low and to keep stock keeping as efficient as possible. This is the main factor to the shipping timeframes. 
If you have not received your item within 30 days of purchase, it is your responsibility to let us know so we can take matters into our own hands. If you wish to lodge a refund, please visit our refund page.
We deliver our products to any country you live in. Time frame can change depends on the country you are, we work with suppliers around the world, to source high quality-products. Our suppliers typically ship items within 1-5 business days when receiving an order, is the time they use to do the quality check and prepare from that point, it takes 15-30 days for items to arrive.
Our goal is customers satisfaction