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  • Where do you ship from?

All Mixeaze orders ship directly from Bristol, UK.

  • How long will it take to arrive?

For customers in the UK, your order should arrive in 3 business days via Royal Mail. In case you don't receive your order in 3 days, please check your mailbox and tracking number, then contact us and we will make sure you got your mixeaze on time!

For international orders we ship via DHL. Delivery time may vary depending on the country, average delivery time is 9-12 business days. If your order is delayed can be due to your country's customs declaration process. Seldom your deliverie can take longer. Please contact us if you've been waiting more than 4 weeks.

  • What's your return policy?

We like to give our customers 30 days guarantee, as we are 100% sure of customers satisfaction  

  • Can I cancel my order?

Cancelations are possible if you do not receive your package within the timeframe specified for each individual product. Sometimes orders get sent out before we can process the cancelation. So if you cancel your order but still receive the package, then please go ahead and do one of three things: recycle it, donate it, or enjoy it.

  • Do you sell replacements parts?

At the moment we don't sell replacements parts. 

  • How much does my Mixeaze portable blender weigh?

Your Mixeaze weigh 460g, is light enough to take it everywhere with you!

  • Why buying a Mixeaze portable blender if I already have a blender at home?

1. It’s portable - you can make a smoothie in the office at lunch, a shake immediately after working out or a margarita outside watching the sunset!
2. It’s convenient - unscrew the lid, add a drop of washing up liquid, fill with water and blend! No more complicated parts to remove wash.
3. It’s economical - it’s size makes the perfect single smoothie or shake portion, meaning you don’t overuse and waste ingredients.
4. It’s efficient - the design means you top-load ingredients straight into the blades to blend straight away, meaning you don’t lose taste and flavour from ingredients sticking to the wrong end of the container