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How to stay healthy in Quarantine 🤸🏻‍♀️👌🏻

Sometimes we wonder how to stay healthy while we are in our houses... you are not the only one who feels like this! Let us share with you 5 steps that will definitely keep you active and out of the anxiety. 

 1. Have an early morning and be grateful for what you have. Take 15 minutes before grabbing your phone and take your time to breathe and feel relaxed... when we go straight to our phones first thing in the morning we distract our minds and it can even cause us stress for the rest of the day!

    2. The power of meditation can transport us from the present for a while. We have so many distracting thoughts that can keep our heads busy and stop us or prevent us from concentrating on what we really want to do. If you want to know more about breathing techniques, go to our breathing techniques post that will help you to reach a calmer lifestyle.

    3. We know exercising sometimes can be boring .. just thinking that we have to move and sweat makes us tired, but the more exercise you do, the more motivated you will feel. It doesn’t need to be a long and strenuous routine, with just a 40-minute walk 5 times a week we can generate a dose of Endorphins that will boost our mindset, outlook and energy. And you don’t need a big smoothie maker to refuel afterwards. Use our Mixeaze portable blender to create a quick shake or smoothie on the go wherever you are – making exercise eazy!

    4. There is a saying “we are what we eat” which highlights the importance of a healthy balanced diet. This doesn’t mean you never treat yourself, but getting enough greens is essential to keep our body full of vitamins and boost our immune system. But this doesn’t need to be a chore… our Mixeaze portable blender makes it eazy! Head over to our recipe section to find ideas for delicious green smoothies and shakes.

    5. If we have early mornings, we should have early nights too. Sleep is essential for our bodies to recover. It lowers our blood pressure, restores broken fibres after we have exercised and cleanses our brains of any toxins built up whilst we’re awake. Struggle with sleeping? Check out our kiwi smoothie which contains all the nutritional value you need to send you off.

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