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The Berry Boost

Looking for a boost of energy⚡️

Combining a range of energy boosting ingredients, this is the perfect powering to fire you up for the day or you can even take it as a healthy snack! 
This is one of the best  healthy smoothies for breakfast! 


Time: 5 Minutes 

Servings: 1 (380 ml)


150ml Almond Milk 🥛

30g of oats 🌱

Scoop of Vanilla protein powder 💛

1tblsp of Peanut butter 🥜

Handful of mixed berries 🍇🍓
1. Add all the ingredients to your mixeaze portable blender and mix for 1 cycle (Make sure to turn it on upside down letting the blades starts first, then shake it)
2. Pour in a glass and enjoy it! 

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