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Caffeine Protein Shake

 Fuel up with our caffeine protein booster! 💥

If you're a fan of coffee and you like starting your mornings with it, we bring you a delicious and nutritious option you can start your day with, try out this coffee recipe and give your body what it deserve! 

if you are looking for a healthy smoothies for breakfast or you can try this caffeine shake which is also a good option to start the day with!  

Time: 5 Minutes 

Servings: 1 (380 ml)


150ml cooled brewed coffee
50ml choice of milk
Scoop of protein powder (vanilla or chocolate flavour)
1/2 Banana 🍌

Sprinkle some cinnamon on top!


1. Add all the ingredients to your mixeaze and mix for 2 cycles (Make sure to turn it on upside down letting the blades starts first, then shake it)
2. Pour in a glass and enjoy it! 

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